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At GlobaliD, we believe that your identity is the key to unlocking your social and economic potential. This applies to the physical and digital world as well as the traditional and decentralized world.
Our mission is to bring a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) to all people—a self-sovereign identity they can use to communicate, transact, and create value within any context.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-Sovereign Identity is an approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over their digital identity. GlobaliD interprets Self-Sovereign Identity as empowering people to have sole ownership of their digital identity. We do this by giving them control over how their PII is shared and used. Whether accessing applications or online services, the individual is in control.

GlobaliD as an Authentication Option

GlobaliD allows you to seamlessly add support for passwordless authentication through the GlobaliD App to your web application. We provide built-in ID Proofing capabilities that ensure users who sign up for your application are who they say they are. This is all done without having to process any PII. We make it easy to enable a self-sovereign authentication experience, while reducing friction to your onboarding flow.
User Verification capabilities include:
  • Valid Government ID
  • Biometric
  • Financial
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Affiliations
Adding GlobaliD Connect to your application takes only a couple of minutes. Application Developers can use GlobaliD as the only source of authentication or add it as a passwordless option to any existing authentication system.
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